Diploma Collection

That’s the Way I am.


An unusual feature of contemporary British fashion is it’s diversity and multiculturalism, and this is currently the most valuable “currency” in the fashion world.
“London look” is primarily a manifestation of one’s own personality and an endless maze among styles, patterns, colours.
This inspired me to design my collection, in which a woman is strong, beautiful and intelligent. It’s not for nothing that I borrowed Lady Di’s words: “Some didn’t like it. But that’s the way I am.” and I called my collection THAT’S THE WAY I AM.
Scaled, abundant and deformed upper assortments of silhouettes combined with tight gaiters, pleated parts of the pits applied to each other create the main look of the collection. I combined a polite, college plaid, wool with my own points. Latex, foil and pvc obtained from the ends of previous collections and accessories designed and manufactured by me are the only elements that build my collection.
When designing, I try to use the principles of sustainable fashion, which I also marked when making a bag, which is stuffed with remnants of materials obtained during the creation of the collection.
The collection is inspired by Lady Di’s icon, naughty Kate Moss, and the anarchy of Vivienne Westwood.
There are no coincidences in the THAT’S THE WAY I AM collection….

Collection made with accordance to sustainability by using leftovers offcuts and scraps from locals, unwanted fabrics from resource centre.

Cracow Fashion Awards 2021.

That’s the Way I am named as Collection of the Year 2021 during Cracow Fashion Week.


Fot. Izabela Garus, model Maria @magnesmodels, MUA, HS, stylist Kalina Klara Kocemba.

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