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Fashion Designer and owner. Graduate 2021 of Cracow Schools Of Art and Fashion Design in Poland, scholarship of Polish Talent Support in 2017.

During the years I attended fashion contests which allowed me to challenge myself in different projects.

2018-2021 I was a scholarship holder of Polish Talent Support, program supporting young polish talents from around the world based in Cracow Schools Of Art and Fashion Design. Cracow Fashion Week 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. Wroclaw Fashion Week 2021, 2022. London Fashion Week 2021. Leicester Fashion Week 2021. Urbban Fusion Festival Art and Fashion 2021, Budapest Central European Fashion Week 2022/ AW 22/23. Enter Fashion Show 2022/ Birmingham. Open’er Fashion Stage 2022 and pop- up store during the festival. Finalist of Off Fashion Kielce 2022. Winner of Cracow Fashion Awards 2021. Riga Fashion Week 2022/ SS23.

I design in accordance and right to the sustainable fashion rules.

Choosing a sustainable direction.

As a fashion designer I often getting ask about sustainable direction and how I’m designing my products the way it compromise sustainability and no waste so my answer is: RESEARCH BEFORE DESIGN.

The best time to make low-impact decisions about materials and production is at the beginning of the design process so sustainability must start with the designer. It’s worth to mention that we have last minute to make changes in fashion industry before it will be too late and I’m really happy cause now the sustainability topics not just trend but eventually become reality. Or at least I hope it will stay like that. I know how it all happen with currents trends and of course I’m aware it might have tendency to change but big companies using fast fashion and overproduction always had lead in fashion but we as a consumers must be aware how the production look and get trapped in bulk buying and think more about future and waste less. Myself as a designer which always try to be responsible in carrying my own brand after every inspiration I do research of all my materials and where to look for them.

I’m using only dead stocks and scraps and recycling studios where you can find all the needed textiles and fabrics even if they partially damaged it always can be used for something new. Most of the stocks are single and that’s why my brand are unique because my designs are made of one item as there usually is not enough fabrics to produce more. Sometimes is quite tricky to make full collection straight away because I never knew how many meters I can get from each fabrics which I want to use in collection so sometimes I need to change colour or structure of particular project so in reality every collection cannot be accepted by me straight away as I’m using scraps, fabrics ends. But you must remember designing and creating something out of your head is both challenging and gives you kick to work harder and harder because you know you trying to cope with helping the planet and making very unique designs.

Fot. Mark Litvyakov at Riga Fashion Week.

Our bio approach

Modern and sustainable brand presents mix of high fashion with futuristic tone based in UK. My products designed in accordance to the zero waste rules. Brand presents opportunity to adapt to the challenges of your daily life while still retaining the edge in your style. My products named as na strong and arresting marked in full force.

The unusual feature of the brand is the variety by combining materials and styles. It is a mix- and- match of unique designs. Diversity is the most valuable currency in today’s fashion industry. All my products are limited and symbol of the increasing awareness of the overproduction and lead to a positive change for the environment and future generations. Who made your clothes? Me. I design with limited amount of fabrics, dead stocks, unwanted items, recycled materials and fabrics from 2nd- hand shops and studios scraps.

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