Riga Fashion Week 2023

Collection THINK follow by new AW2023/24 named as strong female characters line designed in accordance with the sustainability rules, made from leftovers and offcuts.


Referring to 70’s as I’m also the person who grew up following the time where a lot happened in my country during the communism which was hard for people and daily basic life. I was inspired by a series about a story of three determinate women, as they struggle to cope and navigate with social and political changes in polish riviera Sopot in 1976, while striving for independence , financial freedom and love.


and THINK and talk more about the sustainability as research before design and what is behind the fashion industry, who made your clothes and on and on.


It was such a nice opportunity to be part of new season Riga Fashion Week 2023. I’m totally in love with Riga and people. I had a fantastic time and everything was really well organised. It was amazing to be able to present THINK collection in Riga.

Catwalks spotted by Mark Litvyakov/ RFW.

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